Our open panel Feeding Food Futures: From Techno-solutionism to Inclusive Human-Food Collaborations was held virtually at the EASST+4S 2020 conference, August 18-22, 2020.

The panel included three thematic sessions:

🥕Session 1: Food, Biotechnology & New Meats
Tuesday 18th, 10am CEST
Recording available (for a limited time) here

Presentation 1: We Are Eating Our Own Genius! Looking At »Clean Meat« Through Symbolical-Relational Lenses (Sandra Matthaeus)

Presentation 2: Genes, Food and Metabolic Health: Configuring Environment and Food in a Biotech Lab (Stathis Arapostathis)

Presentation 3: Replacing Unsustainable Food Cultures? How Meat Alternatives Defend ‘Good’ (i.e. Meat-based) Food (Malte B Rödl)

🥕Session 2: Experimental Food Design Methods
Friday 21st, 10am CEST
Recording available (for a limited time) here

Presentation 1: Datafication on the Farm: The Emerging Role of the Precision Agriculture Software Platform (Sarah Marquis) / pre-recorded talk here

Presentation 2: “It’s about mass production”: Making Sense of CRISPR-CAS9 Food Futures in Bavaria (Amy Louise Clare, Ruth Müller, Julia Feiler)

Presentation 3: What if everything was edible? (Danielle Wilde)

🥕Session 3: Feeding Food Future [free-range edition]*
Saturday 22nd, 10am-1pm CEST.
*cost-free session open to all, organized as collateral to the official conference program. Recording of the session available here

Presentation 1: Algorithmic Food Justice (Sara Heitlinger, Lara Houston, Alex S. Taylor)

Presentation 2: “Zoönomic Futures”: Exploring Co-created Responses to Speculative Technologies in Multi-species Food Futures (Sjef van Gaalen)

Presentation 3: Spilling My Socialized Guts On Kitchen Labs (Andrew Gryf Paterson)

Presentation 4: Disrupting (More-than-) Human-Food Interaction: Experimental Design, Tangibles and Food-Tech Futures (Marketa Dolejsova)

Presentation 5: Eating our way forward (Danielle Wilde)

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