Feeding Food Futures (FFF) is a collective of Human-Food Interaction (HFI) researchers, designers, practitioners, and (human and non-human) eaters exploring the intersection between food, technology, and culture. We design experimental HFI tools and events to provoke material reflections of contemporary human-food-technology ecosystems, with a broad take on what constitutes technology. We aim to nurture critical and playful HFI approaches that support participatory human-food engagements rather than ready-to-use solutions. Our work is published regularly in HFI and design research journals and conference proceedings.

The FFF collective was founded in summer 2019 by Markéta Dolejšová, Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Danielle Wilde & Hilary Davis, after our previous collaborations and all-consuming conversations. We’re always interested in meeting other HFI-focused people and starting new projects together — if you’re keen on joining FFF, let us know at marketa.dolejsova@gmail.com.

FFF collaborators and fellow travellers (does your name belong here? get in touch!):

Laia Badal León, Liraz Blumenkrantz, Ditte Boas Larsen, Yoram Chisik, Jared Duval, Michael Escosia, Oscar Garcia Pañella, Andrés García Parker, Tom Gayler, Fernando Gómez-Baquero, Katherine Isbister, Michelle Lai, Zhuying Li, Cindy Lin Kaiying, Elena Márquez Segura, Justin Marshall, Huiying Ng, Doenja Oogjes, Marie-Monique Schaper, Tau Ulv Lenskjold, Anders Unna, Erica Vannucci, Laia Vidal Turmo, Jim Wallace, Yan Wang, Jennifer Weiler, Patrycja Zdziarska, Sjef van Gaalen, Paul Graham Raven, Ann Light, Sara Heitlinger.

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