Our workshop at DIS 2019 focused on the predominance of solutionist approaches in HFI design and research, proposing that the field needs to adopt more critical and self-reflective stance. Through a foraging walkshop around local San Diego foodscape, followed by creative food crafting and discussion, we addressed the existing and anticipated HFI issues. Our goal was to engage in collective down-to-earth food interactions to reflect on the current state of HFI and imagine desirable futures.

During the walkshop, we documented our experiences through written notes, sketches, photos, and found or bought food items and we collaboratively crafted an HFI Zine. The Zine is not a manifesto or fixed set of guidelines but rather a humble set of ideas and suggestions on what HFI could do in the future.

More details available on the workshop website.

publication: Dolejšová, M; Altarriba Bertran F., Wilde, D. & Davis, H. (2019). Crafting and Tasting Issues in Everyday Human-Food Interactions. In Companion Publication of the 2019 on Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2019 Companion (DIS ’19 Companion). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 361-364. DOI:

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